Apple and Google will each be fined €10 million imposed by Italy

Apple and Google will each be fined €10 million imposed by Italy


The Italian competition authority AGCM has fined both Apple and Google EUR 10 million. The companies are said to have not sufficiently informed users about the use of their data.

Apple and Google are both presented with a new bill. The companies have to pay fines again, of a mere 10 million euros each, to the Italian watchdog AGCM.

This time they are accused of not properly informing their users about data for commercial purposes. Therefore, customers cannot give informed consent, as they do not get the chance to choose whether they want to share their data or not.

Google appeal

Google says in a statement that it does not agree with the decision and plans to appeal. “We try to make it easy for people to manage their information, as well as restrict the use of their personal data. We are working hard to be compliant with consumer protection rules,” said a spokesperson.

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Not the first time for Apple
Apple, on the other hand, has not yet heard anything. Earlier this week, the Italian authority issued a fine for Amazon and the giant, of no less than 200 million dollars in total. The companies are alleged to have disadvantaged independent sellers of Apple and Beats products on the Italian Amazon webshop.

The technology giant will appeal against this decision, just like Amazon. The companies say they entered into the agreement to ensure that customers only get original products.