Android Users Can Now Use Fingerprint to Login Some Google Services

Android Users Can Now Use Fingerprint to Login Some Google Services


A user can have multiple accounts over the web, including accounts for mailing, net-banking, etc. Remembering all the passwords is one of the major challenges. Now you can get rid of this problem. Google is launching a new function which will ease Android uses to unlock one of the company’s web service. Now onwards users can use their phone’s fingerprint sensor or lock code to log on some websites. In this way, the tech giant has taken a crucial step with a future perspective that will not need passwords for logging in. In other words, users can log in into a site through their fingerprint or passcode.

Google said the feature would first serve for its Pixel phone users. After that, the functionality will expand in other models in the upcoming weeks. On Monday, two team members of Google, Christiaan Brand and Dongjing He, have revealed some other facts of the new feature. According to two Googlers, the latest function marks one more step in their mission to ease the user authentication process. They aim to make the process more convenient for everyone. The pair noted the feature currently works on Google’s password for the website, i.e., Besides, the tech giant intends to diversify the service to its other services.

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Remarkably, it is the first time; Google has enabled its users to make use of fingerprint to verify their identity over the internet. While the company makes it clear that all the authentication will take place locally on the customer’s device. Even more, the biometric data will remain on the phone; it will not be sent to Google’s servers. Instead, the company’s server will receive information, including cryptographic evidence that you have surely signed in securely. For now, the feature is available only on some Android smartphones. Google said it aims to launch online biometric authentication to Android phones having OS version 7.0 and above.