The strategies in digital marketing you must implement in 2020

The strategies in digital marketing you must implement in 2020


Digital marketing continues to get tougher in all areas. Although every day there are new tools to get the most out of it, the competition also continues to innovate and therefore it is better to know what we could see in 2020 at the strategy level.

So to have an already established plan for 2020, below we will mention a couple of strategies that you should use for your business or company.

Have a good data source
The National Statistics Institute (INE) of each country is usually a good source of data to discover more about what is happening on a special topic in the region. Now, if you want to increase your number of sources, Statista, BuzzFeed, IAB Spain and Business Insider can also be your great allies.

The more data you have, the greater the chances that you can know what you and your brand face, both at the level of trends and the competition itself.

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Resort to the fast content plan for the same type of users
Ephemeral content should increase its value when we see that users spend time observing hundreds of things and information from their mobile and other devices. But we do not talk about seconds of data or banal offers, because quality must prevail so that the short time, for example, of a story on Instagram, arrives strongly to the client or user to attract him to take the next step.

Take a more professional step by having a personalized virtual assistant
Siri and the Google Assistant are two great tools for thousands of tasks. However, when talking about adopting a more personalized touch, you can use a personalized virtual assistant created by the Neurafy guys. A couple of weeks ago we talked about this service and here in this post you can find out everything related to this digital option.

To tell you in a nutshell, we have to say that a virtual assistant created by that company can speed up work on unlimited tasks. The speed with which it works is not wasted and so you or your workers can use other tasks while the assistant takes care of one or more without problem.

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Multiply the use and investment of social networks and WhatsApp for the benefit of the brand
The wild card is taken by a category where advertising and marketing continue to increase its use and therefore its profitability. Use and invest a little more in applications such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp (even more WhatsApp with the rise of the version for companies), as being a smart and less demanding way to communicate and serve users.