Opera Offering Unlimited Free VPN along with Android Browser

Opera Offering Unlimited Free VPN along with Android Browser


If you are someone who use Opera browser on your Android device, there are now more reasons to do the same. Opera has announced that the latest version of its Android browser has an in-built unlimited free VPN service. It means the user will be able to turn on the VPN and use the service without any limits when they’re inside the Opera Browser application.

Addition of this feature clearly means that Opera Browser has understood the skyrocketing demand for VPN services. As internet-based restrictions are becoming common across the world, people need these services to ensure their privacy, enable unlimited access and to stay away from trackers. Now that such a service has been built into the browser, Opera expects more people to prefer their browser to others like Chrome.

It should be noted that Opera, a Norwegian company, is not new to the whole ordeal of VPN services. Opera VPN, a standalone virtual private network app was available for Android for a long period of time. This was, however, discontinued by the company a few months back. During the peak times of the app, the VPN tech was also integrated to the Desktop browser of Opera.

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Apparently, there are a few great things about Opera’s addition to the browsers. For instance, users need not to create an account for using the VPN service. Customers also have an option to choose a server from the available list of locations. Overall, the latest version of the browser would make it easier for people to stay secure on the web.

For Opera, however, this feature is more about market share as well. It’s clear that the browser had lost an incredible amount of users to other competitors like Chrome and UC Browser. Now that Opera offers a VPN built in — which others don’t —, there is a slight line of hope for the company.