iPhone 5G Apple could launch a more powerful version in early 2021

iPhone 5G: Apple could launch a more powerful version in early 2021


Apple would unveil its first 5G smartphones in 2020.

If the rumor is true, Apple will launch on the 5G market this year, with its first compatible iPhone. A launch that will allow the Californian firm to catch up somewhat against Samsung or Huawei, but this first 5G edition of the iPhone might not be very powerful.

Indeed, according to a new report released by Susquehanna analysts, the first iPhone 5G would be a first try, an introduction that would only be compatible with the “light” version of 5G. Fortunately, at the moment, countries that already have such a network are actually surfing on this lighter version of 5G.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the countries that boast about 5G actually have network enhancements based on 4G infrastructure. We are talking about improved 4G. The 5G network itself is only available in very limited areas.

It is therefore not necessarily necessary for Apple to deliver iPhones compatible with the full power 5G network. Apple could therefore opt for a two-stage launch of its iPhone 5G.

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This is why Apple would opt for the first iPhone 5G light. These would be marketed in 2020. It will take until the first quarter of 2021 to see the appearance of iPhones compatible with the real 5G network. We are talking about mmWave compatible smartphones since they will be able to surf on the millimeter waves, characteristic of 5G

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could even ship its mmWave smartphones only to certain markets. A choice that would be made on the availability or not of 5G on the markets. Currently, the light version of the new telecom standard is only available in very few countries, and real 5G is only expected to be available at the end of 2020.