Five tips and tools to take advantage of Telegram

Five tips and tools to take advantage of Telegram


According to the instant messaging platform Telegram, by January 2021 it had 500 million users. In this sense, although the update of the functions of this platform is increasing, they are little known due to the habit of using other messaging applications or interaction through social networks, such as WhatsApp. However, once certain unique tricks and tools are discovered in Telegram, the user can get hooked on this experience.

Today, there are five basic Telegram resources that are very useful in function.

Group Finder

Whether you are looking for a department, information on a specific topic, a photo bank or a sports club, can be found in the search bar. This works as a mini search engine that will indicate all those channels and people which are related to the searched word. Within the groups, all the necessary information can be obtained and even, in the case of carrying out a subscription, the user will be part of the interaction with other people who are within the channels.

Meet people

Many instant messaging users use dating apps or to meet friends, Telegram gives the possibility of knowing which people are less than 1 kilometer away from where the user is. Only the geolocation function must be authorized in order to have this functionality. It also indicates the communities created in the city where the user is based on knowing what happens or is shared in a certain environment.

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Store files

When the user needs to save files from a smartphone in a safe place, Telegram is undoubtedly the option. You just have to send any information to a friend’s window and then delete it from the dialog window or saved messages, there is also the option to create a “private” channel in which you can empty any category of information. One of the advantages of this method is that Telegram has an almost unlimited capacity.

Information strings for a business

If the user has a business or a project with the interest of sharing information to a large number of people, Telegram has become an efficient way to use it as an information chain. It is similar to a newsletter, which will also reach your phones in the form of an alert or notification. Once people interested in a product or content have subscribed, they will be able to receive everything they want to share related to the topic to be published.

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Group video calls

One of the most recent functions of Telegram are group video calls, these can connect up to 30 people in a session and with the mode of screen sharing. This mechanism is ideal for these times of pandemic, where everyone uses this method to do their work meetings and even take some classes. It is very easy and fast to connect, the option is at hand once a group of messaging has been made in the application.

Without a doubt, the Telegram instant messaging platform has various tricks and tools that any user can enjoy. From a group search engine, information chains for a business to group video calls and file storage, the user can access them just by downloading the application.