Avast and AVG have been selling your data to third parties

Avast and AVG have been selling your data to third parties


Avast and AVG are two well-known computer antivirus, known for being free options. Although it has been known thanks to an investigation, they do not stand out especially for being very private. Since both have been spying and selling user data to third parties. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Neftlix, Amazon and Pepsi are some of those who have bought such data.

Avast and AVG have been selling your data to third parties
According to the research that has been carried out, these two antivirus programs monitor users’ activity on the Internet and then sell that data to third parties.

Sale of data
Both AVG and Avast have been selling this data, supposedly anonymized to Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Yelp, Home Depot, Expedia, Intuit, Keurig, Condé Nast, Sephora, Loreal and McKinsey. This data includes searches on Google, searches for locations and GPS coordinates on Google Maps, videos on YouTube, porn websites that are visited, pages that are searched on LinkedIn. So they handle a huge amount of data about users.

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The two antivirus have been making millions of dollars thanks to this sale of data, as these companies have reported. However, Avast wanted to step up by stating that the data is anonymous, so privacy has not been affected.

Undoubtedly, a round business for the two known antivirus. Although now they face that the users are going to eliminate them from their computers, since the image of AVG and Avast is without doubt in doubt due to these actions. What do you think about these actions that both antivirus have performed?