Apple Plans To Use LG’s OLED Panels For IPhone 14 Pro Models

Apple Plans To Use LG’s OLED Panels For IPhone 14 Pro Models


Apple will start using LG Display as a supplier of OLED panels for the iPhone 14 models, replacing Apple’s current supplier, Samsung Display. Earlier, Samsung Display provided OLED panels for the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro model. Although, it seems that Apple has found another supplier for its premium smartphone model.

According to sources, LG Display has already started supplying the OLED panels to Apple at the end of October 2022. LG Display will supply OLED panels of LPTO TFT-type Apple’s iPhone Pro.

LG Display was meant to be part of the iPhone 14 Pro model supply chain, but a delay in the initial production of the smartphone caused a setback in LG Display’s inclusion, which has now gained the approval of Apple. This will be the first time LG Display supplies LTPO OLED to Apple for all of its products.

LTPO OLED technology was first launched in the iPhone 13 models, and for the past 2 years, and Samsung Display has supplied Apple with its LTPO OLED technology for use in its mobile devices.

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The addition of LG Display will provide Apple with fewer panels, and due to a switch in its suppliers, Samsung Display will supply screens for all four iPhone 14 models, and LG Display will continue to supply screens for two iPhone 14 models, says the report.