Apple increases production of A13 chip to cope with success

Apple increases production of A13 chip to cope with success


The iPhone 11 accounted for 69% of iPhone sales in the United States in the last quarter of 2019.

The Californian firm has reportedly asked its chipmaker (TSMC) to increase production volumes for the A13 processors. A request that comes in to respond to the success of the iPhone 11, higher than expected. If the latest Apple smartphones sell very well in the United States, they would also be very popular in China, reports Bloomberg.

According to a report obtained by the American media, the demand for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro “exceeds the market and Apple’s expectations”. A source familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that the iPhone 11 was particularly successful.

But the success of the iPhone 11 may not be the only reason for the increase in chip production. Indeed, the upcoming launch of an entry-level model, the iPhone 9, would also influence the production of A13 processors since it would embed this generation of Apple chip.

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With a presentation and launch expected in March, mass production and assembly of the iPhone will begin next February. Enough to boost the production of TSMC chips.