Adobe launch photo and video editing for everyone with Creative Cloud Express

Adobe launch photo and video editing for everyone with Creative Cloud Express


If you’re not busy with photo and video on a daily basis, the Adobe Creative Cloud offering is likely to be far too extensive, complex and expensive. Adobe now seems to understand this and is launching Adobe Creative Cloud Express, a basic version to make editing photos and videos more accessible. So you can easily get started with tools like multiple layers, AI effects and a huge font library.

The new application focuses on simplicity and speed, aimed at social media managers, SMEs and anyone who comes into contact with photos and videos but is not a professional graphic designer. So you can start with the pre-designed templates to quickly create a Facebook post, an Instagram story, restaurant menu, and so on.

Free or paying
Adobe Creative Cloud Express has a free version with thousands of unique templates, design assets and Adobe Fonts. You will also get a limited grasp of the Adobe Stock royalty-free collection. Basic tools like background removal and photo effects are available and you get 2 GB of cloud storage.

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The premium version costs $9.99 per month (free trial of 3 months) or $99.99 euros per year. This formula gives you access to the entire Adobe Stock royalty-free collection. You get all the premium templates and design assets and 20,000 Adobe Fonts. You can conveniently add your branding, logo, colors and fonts with one click and you can convert or export from and to PDF. Create, manage, and share your templates with Creative Cloud Libraries, and you get 100 GB of cloud storage. Finally, you get access to all functionality such as refined cut, resize, and graphical groups.

Who premium abonnement on the Adobe Creative Cloud Express, get access to premium features within Adobe Premier Rush, Photoshop, Spark Video, and Spark Page.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is now available on Android, iOS and as a web version. You can find all details about the new formula here.