Top Android Dialer Apps for 2023: Improve Your Calling Experience

Top Android Dialer Apps for 2023: Improve Your Calling Experience


Android Dialer apps are software applications that allow you to make phone calls and manage your contacts on your Android device. They typically come with features like caller ID, call history, speed dial, and T9 search to make calling easier and more efficient.

Some common features you can find in Android Dialer apps

  1. Caller ID: Caller ID helps you identify incoming calls and shows you the name and phone number of the person calling.
  2. Call History: Call history keeps a record of all your incoming and outgoing calls, making it easy to quickly find past calls.
  3. Speed Dial: Speed dial lets you assign a specific number to a contact so that you can quickly dial them without having to search for their contact information.
  4. T9 Search: T9 search is a predictive text feature that suggests contacts based on the keys you press on the dialer, making it easier to find the contact you want to call.
  5. Call Recording: Call recording lets you record incoming or outgoing calls for future reference.
  6. Spam Protection: Spam protection is a feature that blocks unwanted calls and text messages from telemarketers, scammers, and other unwanted sources.
  7. Contact Management: Contact management features help you organize your contacts, edit contact information, and delete unwanted contacts.
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Overall, Android Dialer apps offer a range of features that make calling and managing contacts more efficient and user-friendly. With so many great options available, users can find the app that suits their needs and preferences.

The best Android dialer apps for 2023

  1. Truecaller
  2. Google Phone
  3. CallApp
  4. Contacts+
  5. Dialer+
  6. ExDialer


Truecaller is a popular dialer app that not only allows you to make calls but also helps you to identify unknown callers and block spam calls. It also comes with a smart dialer that predicts who you are going to call next based on your call history.

Google Phone:

Google Phone is a simple and straightforward dialer app that comes pre-installed on some Android devices. It offers features like call screening, visual voicemail, and a built-in search function that allows you to find contacts quickly.


CallApp is an advanced dialer app that provides caller ID, call recording, call blocking, and spam protection. It also has a built-in social dialer that integrates with your contacts’ social media profiles.

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Contacts+ :

Contacts+ is a highly customizable dialer app that lets you personalize your contacts with photos and themes. It also offers features like caller ID, call blocking, and a unified inbox for all your messages.

Dialer+ :

Dialer+ is a fast and lightweight dialer app that offers features like T9 search, smart contacts sorting, and call history management. It also has a customizable interface that allows you to change the color scheme and layout.


ExDialer is a powerful dialer app that features a T9 keypad, smart contacts sorting, and speed dial. It also allows you to customize the interface with different themes and skins.

These are some of the best Android dialer apps that you can use in 2023 to improve your calling experience.