RobotLAB Announced Robot Partnership With LG Business Solutions USA

RobotLAB Announced Robot Partnership With LG Business Solutions USA


LG Business Solutions USA has chosen RobotLAB, an award-winning robotics integrator that delivers significant business innovations and solutions for brands in a variety of industries, to assist in the expanded integration of LG’s cutting-edge robots in commercial settings across the United States.

LG’s two most important robot models will be supported by RobotLAB, the LG CLOi ServeBot, which can assist with food service at the front of the house and bust tables, and the LG CLOi GuideBot, which can provide robotic solutions for navigating large hotels, casinos, airports, hospitals, museums, and other locations for guests.

Elad Inbar, the founder and chief executive officer of RobotLAB, said that, working with an iconic and well-respected brand like LG is an extremely exciting opportunity for RobotLAB. Elad Inbar added, this collaboration is an honor they do not take lightly. They are eager to use their years of robotics experience and integration expertise to assist LG in bringing its advanced robots to more restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and airports across the nation.

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LG considered RobotLAB’s 13-year history of successfully managing the commercial deployment of more than 7,500 robots when looking for key robot collaborators in the United States. RobotLAB will utilize its long-standing expertise and keen sector insights to assist LG in managing various aspects of robot deployment, including sales, marketing, integration, and service, with a team devoted solely to LG projects and products.

According to Tom Carroll, Director of Business Development at LG Business Solutions USA, they hope to collaborate with professional robotics companies like RobotLAB, who are well-versed in the application of robots to business settings.

Tom Caroll added that this is a crucial time for both businesses and that they are looking forward to working with RobotLAB, whose complementary skills, knowledge, and experience will assist them in realizing their goals.