Musk claims that his business, XAI, is more reliable than OpenAI

Musk claims that his business, XAI, is more reliable than OpenAI


Elon Musk wants you to have trust in his company’s artificial intelligence-powered AI solutions.

This week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled his long-awaited venture in artificial intelligence known as XAI, which seeks to understand the nature of our universe.

On Friday, the billionaire stated his company’s mission as “creating good general artificial intelligence that is maximally curious and truth-seeking.”

Musk described xAI as an effort to compete against OpenAI and Google in AI development while asserting that his company remains dedicated to producing useful AI.

He noted the significance of competition in AI development to prevent one company from dominating this field of endeavor.

Musk stressed during the meeting that, unlike its established competitors, his firm was still at an early stage and described itself as being “really young.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been vocal in his support of OpenAI, which he co-founded in 2015. Musk has claimed that ChatGPT is inflexible and biased; therefore, he would like to create “TruthGPT.”

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Musk stated during his visit to SpaceX that xAI technology could provide answers that people find “controversial.”

A businessman acknowledged that indoctrinating artificial intelligence models to be politically correct or “not speak up about their true beliefs” carried a “significant risk.” He stated that his business would allow the AI model to express what it believed.

The billionaire recognized that his actions may spark controversy; nonetheless, he expressed his intent to build an artificial intelligence dedicated to truth.