Microsoft will offer an AI membership for $30 per month

Microsoft will offer an AI membership for $30 per month


Microsoft unveiled Tuesday that their AI subscription service for businesses, called Microsoft 365 Copilot, would cost an extra $30 USD or 26.71 euros per month.

Microsoft has yet to set a release date for this tool that uses generative AI and integrates with tools like Teams, Excel, and Word.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is built into apps used by millions of people every day, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications. Copilot unlocks creativity in Word documents; analyzes data with Excel; designs presentations in PowerPoint for presentation to audiences in meetings attended or not attended; and much more”, as detailed by Microsoft in their statement.

Microsoft currently charges businesses $36 monthly for Microsoft 365 E3, providing access to Office apps, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other tools. An increase of $30 for accessing Microsoft 365 Copilot would nearly double this cost for subscribing businesses.

Subscribing to Microsoft 365 Business Standard will incur monthly charges of $12.50, thus doubling their costs.

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Microsoft hopes this announcement will set them apart and secure victory in the AI race, competing against Google, IBM, and Salesforce, among others.

Microsoft, which utilizes technology from OpenAI and is the creator of Chat GPT, also announced today the release of Bing Chat Enterprise, an innovative tool similar to its free chatbot Bing but with enhanced data protection features for business data.

Since this announcement, the shares of this company have seen an almost five percent gain on Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange.